Date Title
16-Apr-2017 Bring Depth To Your Actions, Experience Sadāshivatva ( Living Sadāshivoham Process Session 10)
05-Mar-2017 Ask The Avatar with TV Mohandas Pai on Dharma, the Future of World Religions and more
03-Mar-2017 Jeevan Mukti Jayanti 8th Anniversary - The Book is a Living Goddess, Radiating Enlightenment
26-Feb-2017 Neurology Of Reality - Living Sadashivoham Process, Session 6
24-Feb-2017 Manifesting Powers will be Lifestyle through Shaktipada, Initiation! 2017 Mahashivaratri Message
16-Feb-2017 Persistence makes Ganga break the Himalayas; Persistence, not Force, makes us Manifest Powers!
10-Feb-2017 You Can Manifest Yourself as You Want! You Are Not the Final Product; You Are the Seed!
05-Feb-2017 Understand Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching through the Five Faces of Sadashiva
15-Jan-2017 Shuddhadvaitam: The Gateway to Extraordinary Powers
07-Jan-2017 From Cracking Coconuts to Mastering Cosmic Dimensions: Powers of Nithyananda's New Species
05-Jan-2017 Superpowers of Breadth Dimension, Nithyananda Disciples Download GPS, Maps, Art, Medical Insights
03-Jan-2017 Superpower Of A New Species : Nithyananda Initiated Gurukul Students To Be Math Geniuses Who Instantly Answer Any Equation
01-Jan-2017 Creating New Species, Breakthrough In Humanity - 14th Nithyananda Sangha Anniversary Message
19-Dec-2016 Hinduism and the Future of Science, Rajiv Malhotra Interviews Paramahamsa Nithyananda
04-Dec-2016 Do Top Atheletes Experience The State of Pure Consciousness? Q&A, Going Beyond Tiredness And Boredom (from Sadashivoham Prgoram 2016)
04-Dec-2016 How To Balance Yourself By Your Individual Will (Sadashivoham 2016 program)
04-Dec-2016 Spiritual Alchemy Through Cosmic Mother Energy, Brahmanda Yoni
02-Dec-2016 Sadashivoham 2016 Introduction Session
19-Nov-2016 Introduction To Sadashivoham 2016 (Workshop), Day 1
16-Nov-2016 Drop your obstacles for Sadashivoham 2016 - Soma Mandala
11-Nov-2016 Hinduism is Real, experience it in Sadashivoham 2016
09-Nov-2016 Take Guru Bhakti to Listening and Integrity
08-Nov-2016 Integrity, the Principal Force of Sadashiva, Advaita, Cosmic Oneness
07-Nov-2016 Living with the Guru - Glimpses of Nithyananda Yogam
06-Nov-2016 Sadashivoham 2016 Tunes Your Being into Sadashivatva
05-Nov-2016 Subramanya Himself is Preparing for Sadashivoham
04-Nov-2016 Message to NRIs from Paramahamsa Nithyananda – on Decision Fatigue, Integrity
03-Nov-2016 Manifest Powers to Remember Sadashivatva ‘You are Sadashiva’
02-Nov-2016 The Myth of DECISION FATIGUE - No Time, Feeling Overwhelmed, Complexity of Decisions
01-Nov-2016 Manifesting Powers is Sadashivatva